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Convenience Store Ice Cream Classics are Great in Autumn, Too 

Do you love ice cream? Here are some of the classic Japanese convenience store ice creams that could be your next best go-to option, even in the autumn.



A classic convenience store ice cream treat by Parm. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)

Summer is almost ending and there's a hopeful feeling about autumn coming around from the recent chilly days. But the humidity is still clinging on for dear life. Still, there is no reason to feel bummed out, because ー what's great about summer? Running into the nearest convenience store for an emergency ice cream restock.

Here are some of the classic Japanese convenience store ice creams that could be your next best autumn go-to option. 

Coolish comes in several flavors. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)


Coolish is a great option for a go-to ice cream as it comes in a packet with a tube. It is a bit like a sherbet that you squeeze out from the tube to eat. 

One thing to be careful of is that it comes out of the freezer frozen solid for the first few minutes. Waiting a while for it to thaw would be preferred over the more violent choice, which is to squeeze the ice cream out with sheer force. 

Coolish comes in various flavors from the classic plain vanilla to summer exclusives like melon. Recently it even updated its list with new green options: plant-based milk-flavor and organic strawberry flavor.

Pino ice cream treats also come in strawberry shortcake flavor (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)
Two flavors of Pino ice cream treats. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)


Pino is a bite-sized chocolate-coated ice cream coming in a box with a pick. With six pieces per box, it is a great choice when sharing with friends.

The classic is the original chocolate. But there are new flavors, such as the strawberry shortcake flavor, that give a strong fruity punch.

Parm ice cream bars in two flavors. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)
This is Parm's chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)


Parm is also a chocolate-covered ice cream, except in a large bar. For a while, it even went viral on TikTok for the various ways to eat it. Such as? Try breaking off and stretching the hard shell of chocolate off the bar so that it looks like a s'more. 

The Parm chocolate is a bit richer in flavor and comes in flavors such as matcha and a controversial chocolate mint. On the inside the ice cream is creamy while the outer layer of thick chocolate is nice and hard, giving a satisfactory snap when taking a bite.

This is the "sandwich" inside of a Jumbo Monaka. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)
This package contains a Jumbo Monaka ice cream treat. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)

Jumbo Monaka

Jumbo Monaka is a modern take on the Japanese traditional snack monaka, usually served with bitter green tea to match its sweetness. The original is made from two thin dry rice wafers sandwiching a roll of sweet bean paste. 

Jumbo Monaka is an updated version, made jumbo with a thicker wafer lightly divided into squares like a chocolate bar. These sandwich the ice cream that is sandwiching two slices of chocolate inside the plates. Because of the divisions, it is easy to snap it in half and share with others (don't mind the wafer crumbs) or save for later. 

The texture is also satisfactory as you get the first crunch of the wafer then the snap of chocolate before the smoosh of vanilla. Personally speaking, the chocolate bar makes all the difference, but if it isn't your thing there is a non-chocolate version. 

(©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)

Giant Cone

At this point it's easy to tell that the snapping chocolate types are our favorites, because here's another one for you: the Giant Cone. Giant Cone is your average ice cream cone except with a flat top coated with nuts mixed into a crunchy layer of hard chocolate dripping over the sides. To eat, rip off the paper wrapping and eat, slowly peeling off more paper as you work your way down. It's best eaten fast because it melts easily!

Yukimi Daifuku is packaged carefully to show the contents. (©JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)

Yukimi Daifuku

Who said you can't eat ice cream in winter? 

If you're looking for a heavier taste of Japanese culture, Yukimi Daifuku is the one. Daifuku is a traditional Japanese snack made of sweet bean paste stuffings and gently wrapped with a thin layer of springy mochi rice cake, then covered in white powder. In this case, the bean paste is swapped with a ball of ice cream that gives a delightful contrast in texture to the glutinous mochi. 


Because of its pure white appearance and white rabbit mascot, the Yukimi Daifuku is shown to be surprisingly eaten more in winter than other ice creams.

Unlike the other ice creams in this list, the brand doesn't release new flavors often. But when it does, they always are a surprise. However, the original flavor is never too old and remains the general favorite.

These different and affordable ice creams will win over your heart for sure and conquer the remaining heat. Don't miss out on these cool delights.


Author: Moa Maeda

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