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Embarking on the World’s First EV Tanker, Piloted by a Joystick

A close-up look at the first-ever fully-electric powered tanker reveals that Japan is leading the world in zero emission tankers.



The Asahi has no wheel, rather is steered with a joystick (Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture)

Powered by large-capacity lithium batteries and emitting zero greenhouse gases, the EV tanker Asahi, was built to reduce environmental impact.

The Asahi is 100% battery-powered, making it the first tanker in the world to run solely on electricity.

While the work environment aboard ships is generally considered to be poor, the reduced noise, vibration, and odor on the Asahi lessens the toll on its crew members.

The following is a glimpse inside this next-generation tanker, built by Koa Sangyo Co., Ltd. in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, that made its maiden voyage from Chiba to Yokohama last April.  

Read the rest of this article here for detailed description of the ship and its state-of-the-art propulsion system. And find more great articles on the environment and the challenges of achieving the SDGs, on our new website Japan 2 Earth, sparking a transition on the environment and SDGs.



(Read the article in Japanese at this link, also on our new website Japan 2 Earth,)

Author: Motohiro Wada

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