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Experience the SDGs Through Food at Itochu's New Family Restaurant

Itochu has opened a new style of SDGs-themed family restaurant that offers delicious food while sending out an important message about eating sustainably.



Exterior view of Hoshino Kitchen. (Photo courtesy of Itochu Corporation)

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Itochu Corporation has announced the opening of the "Hoshino Kitchen" restaurant on the premises of its headquarters in Tokyo's Kita-Aoyama district on January 21. The new restaurant offers customers the chance to casually experience the SDGs through eating.

The menu features sustainable ingredients such as soy meat and organic vegetables. Designed in family restaurant style, everyone from children to adults can enjoy the delicious food on offer.

Some menu items from Hoshino Kitchen. (Photo courtesy of the Itochu Corporation)

Eating Sustainably Made Easier

Opening a restaurant inside the headquarters of a trading company is not typical. "We are opening this restaurant not to make a profit, but to enable parents and children to experience the SDGs firsthand through food," remarked Masahiro Okafuji, Chairman and CEO of Itochu. "We intend to be a leading company on the SDGs," he added.

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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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