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Feeling Creative? These Fun Crafts Show You How To Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Explore your creative side as you decorate postcards with upcycled flowers and learn to make plastic-free food wraps using beeswax.



Beautiful and useful eco wrap made from beeswax (Photo by Moa Maeda)

How much do you know about SDGs and the real world around you?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 global goals made by the United Nations to complete by 2050 in order to “ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.”

Presently, according to the 2022 Sustainable Development report, Japan is in 19th place globally, with 6 out of 17 goals “maintaining achievement.” However, the status of goals 14 and 15 – Life Below Water and Life on Land – remains “stagnant.”

How can we, as responsible Earthlings, do our part to contribute to achieving these goals for a better future life for ourselves and our children?

A few days ago, I participated in two SDGs-centered workshops at the Yokohama Sky Building, and what I learned offers a few clues.

Read the rest of this blog post for detailed instructions on making the eco crafts. And find more great articles on the environment and the challenges of achieving the SDGs, on our new website Japan 2 Earth, sparking a transition on the environment and SDGs.

Author: Moa Maeda
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