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Forget Olympic Lodging Worries with Rentable “Japanese Hotel on Wheels” from Japan CRC



If you’re planning on visiting Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics and have yet to make reservations for a place to stay, you may have a very unpleasant surprise in store when you start your search. For example, at travel fare aggregator website Booking.com, any search for a week’s lodging in the Tokyo area during the Olympic period causes a pop-up to appear with the discouraging message: “94% of places to stay are unavailable for your dates on our site.” (at time of writing).


If you’re looking for a Japanese style ryokan or inn, your chances are even slimmer. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the city is expecting a 14,000-room shortfall for an expected 10 million visitors. This is driving up hotel prices sometimes as high as four times normal price and three times for Airbnb.



The camper-van solution


One smart solution to the problem is to escape form the lodging crunch all together by renting a camper-van during your trip. The number of foreign tourists renting RVs during their trip to Japan is growing year by year. And it’s not hard to see why.


Not only can you sleep relatively comfortably, you can also open up worlds of possibilities for traveling around and exploring Japan. And if you’re worried about parking during the Olympics, there are camper-van accessible parking areas in Tokyo, some of them in close proximity to the Olympics venues (see our map below).



Fortunately, Japan Camping-Car Rental Center has the perfect camper-van for you.


The rest of the article can be viewed on our partner’s website, grape Japan at ”Forget Olympic Lodging Worries with Rentable “Japanese Hotel on Wheels” from Japan CRC,

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