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[Hidden Wonders of Japan] Paralympic Triathletes Celebrate Diversity in ‘Abbey Road’ Shot

Imitating the Beatles’ famous album cover for “Abbey Road,” these Japanese triathletes sent out a message of the fun and beauty of diversity.



A Japanese triathlon team photo taken in the Paralympic Olympic Village, imitating the jacket of the Beatles album "Abbey Road" (provided by Mami Tani)



Prosthetic legs, wheelchairs, and visually impaired athletes walk over the pedestrian crossing at the Olympic Village in Tokyo.   

The photo of a Japanese triathlon team imitating the jacket of the Beatles' famous album “Abbey Road” is getting a lot of attention. 

The driving force behind this project is Mami Tani (39), who posted the comment on Twitter, saying: “Everyone is different, everyone is good”.

It has gained more than 30,000 “likes” as of this writing. 

Tani was the first Japanese Paralympic triathlon athlete to win a gold medal ー at the 2017 triathlon in Rotterdam ー and played a key role in bringing the Paralympics to Japan.

According to a spokesman for Tani’s management company, there were six others in the photo besides Tani. Among them were Hideki Uda (34), Tokyo 2020 Paralympic triathlon silver medalist, Satoru Yoneoka (35), Tokyo 2020 Paralympic triathlon bronze medalist for the visually impaired, and his guide Kohei Tsubaki (29), a triathlon athlete, who also appear in the photo.  

It was Tani’s idea to create the photo, which was taken on August 30, the day after the Paralympic triathlon competition was over. 


The pedestrian crossing in the Olympic Village was a popular shooting spot among Olympic athletes.

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(Read the original Sankei Shimbun article in Japanese at this link.)

Author: Sankei Shimbun

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