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Hidden Wonders | Shohei Ohtani Stars in New Children's Day Doll Lineup

Kyugetsu's special doll collection "This Year's Shining Hopes" features MLB stars Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, alongside Ishikawa-born sumo wrestlers.



Kyugetsu's 2024 "This Year's Shining Hopes" collection of Gogatsu Ningyo (May dolls). (©Sankei by Yoshinori Saito)

Celebrating the upcoming Children's Day, Asakusa-based doll manufacturer Kyugetsu recently unveiled its "Kotoshi no Kitaibina" ("This Year's Shining Hopes") collection of Gogatsu Ningyo ("May dolls"). In Japan, these dolls are displayed on Children's Day on May 5 to wish for the happiness and health of boys. The 2024 lineup featured likenesses of Major League Baseball players Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. As Los Angeles Dodgers players, Ohtani and Yamamoto are set to shine in 2024.

In a show of support for the earthquake-affected regions of the Noto Peninsula, Kyugetsu also included three local sumo wrestlers. Onosato Daiki, Endo Shota, and Kagayaki Taishi are all natives of Ishikawa Prefecture.

From left: Ishikawa Prefecture-born sumo wresters Kagayaki Taishi, Onosato Daiki, and Endo Shota. March 19 in Taito Ward, Tokyo. (©Sankei by Yoshinori Saito)

Uplifting Spirits

Ohtani's fifth consecutive selection sees him donning armor in the Dodgers' signature blue, holding a bat. His beloved dog, Dekopin, sits by his side. All three sumo wrestlers are shown carrying a Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train loaded with regional delicacies such as shrimp and crab. Their inclusion also celebrates the recent extension of the line between Kanazawa and Tsuruga.

May dolls in the likeness of Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto on March 19. (©Sankei by Yoshinori Saito)

Kyugetsu President Kyukichiro Yokoyama commented, "We hope to bring a sense of normalcy back to the lives of earthquake victims. We also wish for the Japanese duo in Major League Baseball to excel and uplift spirits at home."

Kyugetsu will showcase the dolls at company stores across various locations and department stores in Kanazawa City.


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Author: The Sankei Shimbun