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Hidden Wonders

Hidden Wonders | Strange Guardrails in Tokyo's Nerima Ward

A photojournalist discovers eight guardrails on the side of the road, inexplicably arranged in a triangle and seemingly guarding nothing.



Guardrails in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. (©Sankei by Ikue Mio)

I came across some peculiar guardrails in a residential area of Nerima Ward, Tokyo, not far from Ekoda Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. There were eight of them, arranged inexplicably in what appeared to be a small triangular maze.

(©Sankei by Ikue Mio)

What Are They Guarding?

Adjacent to these guardrails were vending machines, suggesting it might be a convenient spot to take a break and grab a drink. However, I couldn't help but wonder why benches weren't provided instead of guardrails, which would surely offer more comfort.

Under the guardrails was a sign saying "Do not park cars or bicycles." (©Sankei by Ikue Mio)

To unravel this mystery, I reached out to Nerima Ward's road and park division. According to them, these guardrails were actually installed around 2012 to address issues such as abandoned bicycles and illegal parking. It turns out that this space was not intended as a resting area after all.


(Read the article in Japanese.)

Author: Ikue Mio, The Sankei Shimbun