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Hiroyuki Sanada Brings SHOGUN to Life on Disney Plus

Released in February, the Disney+ series SHOGUN is taking the world by storm. In a video, clip, star Hiroyuki Sanada shares his passion for the new drama.



The cast of SHOGUN, starring Hiroyuki Sanada (center) greets the audience at a premiere screening of the American drama series "SHOGUN" on February 19 in Tokyo. (© Sankei by Takeshi Ishii)

SHOGUN, an FX drama series, began streaming exclusively on the Star section of Disney+ on February 27. The streaming subscription service started by broadcasting the first two of the series' ten episodes. A new episode is being released each week, with the final episode scheduled for April 23. 

Hiroyuki Sanada, who plays protagonist Lord Yoshii Toranaga, was also the series producer. SHOGUN marks the veteran actor's first foray into film production. He recently released a special video discussing his passion for the drama and everything he put into it. 

A Passion for Authenticity

Sanada has been at the forefront of Japanese actors working in Hollywood. Well-versed in the world of cinema, he became heavily involved in the drama's production early on. His strong desire to "properly convey Japanese culture to the world" motivated his decision. 

In the video, Sanada introduces behind-the-scenes footage and talks about the work he has poured his heart and soul into. 

Sanada, his production team, and fellow cast members' passion in pursuing "authenticity" is evident. Having put all his experience into the series, Sanada is confident they have created "a dream project. We've achieved a sublime blend of Japanese and Western styles." 

SHOGUN features a world-class cast, production team, and Japanese staff with extensive experience in period dramas. In addition, experts on Japan's Warring States period (the drama's setting) also took part in the production process. 

Actor Hiroyuki Sanada holds a press conference about the Disney + series SHOGUN in Tokyo on February 20. At the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (© Kyodo)

Sanada, Hollywood Get It Right

As a Hollywood production, SHOGUN makes full use of spectacular sets, state-of-the-art filming equipment, and the latest computer graphics technology. However, it also shows the uncompromising efforts of Sanada and the production team. 

From the cast's costumes and weapons to the tiniest details of their movements, SHOGUN exudes authenticity. It will surely thrill audiences and leave its mark on entertainment history. With SHOGUN, Sanada and his team have created an immersive and astonishing work of profound love and pride for Japan.


Based on James Clavell's novel of the same name, SHOGUN was inspired by Tokugawa Ieyasu and other historical figures. On the eve of the Battle of Sekigahara, Toranaga, a powerful daimyo in the Warring States period, is in trouble. Enter Anjin, an English sailor who becomes his retainer, and Mariko, a mysterious Christian who holds the key to their fates. 

As the plot spins out across this historical backdrop, an unexpected twist awaits. Hollywood has depicted the intrigues of the Warring States generals with unprecedented accuracy and on a tremendous scale.

To See the Series 

SHOGUN is available for a subscription fee through the Disney+ streaming service


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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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