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Japanese Culture 101: Learning the Basics of Japanese Etiquette in a Fun Video Series - Part 2




The Kansai Tourism Bureau released a fun video series on January 21, explaining the basics of Japanese culture to meet the ever increasing flow of tourists.


Join us in learning the basics of Japanese Culture 101, as today we cover lessons three and four.



Learning Japanese Culture 101 - Video Lesson 3: No Littering



When people come to Japan, the ever-recurring comment is, “it’s so clean!”


Japanese are very proud of this. Therefore, this video lesson is an appeal to pick up rubbish when you see it. In the video, a visiting couple watches as a Japanese couple at the same tourist spot demonstrates the do’s and don’ts.


Maintaining a rubbish-free environment is particularly important when surrounded by beautiful nature, so make sure you keep an eye out to keep the landscape clean whenever possible.


In Japan it sometimes can be a bit tricky to find a proper trash disposal container. In that case, carry your rubbish with you until you find a trash can to place it in.



Learning Japanese Culture 101 - Video Lesson 4: Japanese Hospitality “Omotenashi”



It is not uncommon - especially in the countryside - to find a cute little lady who will be happy to invite you inside and feed you homemade food. It is perhaps one of the most charming aspects of Japanese “omotenashi,” or hospitality.


But what to do in these situations?


It is important, of course, just to “be nice” and thank your host for their impromptu hospitality. Apart from general good manners, though, there might be an aspect which isn’t so intuitive to foreign visitors: remember always to take off your shoes upon entering!


Not only that, it is considered good manners to arrange your shoes neatly together in the entrance area. For example, your host might arrange your shoes so they are facing you and easy to slip on when you are leaving.


But above all, for both you and your Japanese host, the most important thing is to just enjoy the exposure to a different culture and have a good time with your host!  


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