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Japanese Summer Accessories to Keep You Cool All Season Long

I made a trip to Daiso, the ubiquitous ¥100 store, to test out some of these unique summer accessories. Read on to discover my favorites.





Summer is a great time for travel, but summers in Japan, with soaring temperatures and high humidity, are no joke. Luckily, there are a number of cooling items available to keep you chilled and fresh all summer long.

I made a trip to Daiso, the ubiquitous ¥100 store, to test out some of these unique summer accessories. Read on to discover my favorites. 

Hand Fan

Coolness Score: 3/5 

The traditional Japanese hand fan is an oldie but a goodie! I like this classic summer accessory because they come in so many colors and patterns and are cheap—starting at a mere ¥100. They are easy to carry around, provide a refreshing breeze and also make great gifts! In terms of cons, they are quite labor-intensive since you have to do the fanning yourself. Also, the delicate wooden construction means that they will inevitably break. But at least they are convenient to replace!


Coolness Score:  4/5

Daiso has really outdone themselves with this item! I’d resisted purchasing an electric fan for the longest time since I was worried about cheap construction and having to replace batteries, but there are no such concerns with this.

It’s easy to use and, with three different speeds, keeps you quite cool. There are two ways to use this fan. It comes with both a stand so you can place it on a desk or table and a neck strap for portability. It also comes with a USB cable for charging, and a single charge can last months.

It’s perhaps a bit bigger than some other electric fans I’ve seen, but its extreme cuteness and good quality definitely make up for that. With so many functions and bells and whistles, it’s a steal at ¥500. This one is a must-have for your arsenal of summer accessories.

(You can read the rest of the article at this link. This article was first published by Team JJ on June 4, 2021. Check here for deeper and unique insights into visiting Japan, including wellness, travel, cuisine and more. Find us on Instagram and on Facebook.)

Author: Team JJ