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Kyoto’s Most Instagrammable Temple: Yasaka Koshindo

Yasaka Koshindo is a Koshin temple, a folk faith with links to Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto and others.




It’s easy to forget what century you’re in as you explore the cobbled, hilly streets of Higashiyama. This part of Kyoto is famous for its high concentration of beautiful and historic shrines, temples, tea houses and restaurants.

As I wandered along, lost in thought, I realised I was unconsciously heading toward the towering pagoda of Hokanji Temple.

Too busy looking up, I was startled by a rickshaw whizzing by and quickly stepped out of the way. This is how I found myself standing in front of Kyoto’s most colourful, insta-worthy temple: Yasaka Koshindo.

Yasaka Koshindo, the colourful ball shrine. Kyoto's most Instagrammable temple.

About Yasaka Koshindo

Kawaii though it may be, there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Officially named ‘Daikoku-san Kongo-ji Koshin-do’, Yasaka Koshindo is a Koshin temple, a folk faith with links to Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto and others. 

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Author: Team JJ

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