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Panasonic Amps Up Production of Eco Cute Water Heaters

The decarbonization trend means higher demand for Panasonic's Eco Cute high-efficiency water heaters, leading the company to boost its production capacity.



New Eco Cute products designed for colder regions to be launched in November. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic HD)

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On August 25, Panasonic Holdings (HD) announced plans to increase its annual production of Eco Cute heat pump water heaters to 300,000 units, or approximately 1.5 times the current production volume, in FY2025. The Eco Cute utilizes heat from the air to heat water.

Amid decarbonization efforts aimed at achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions, the market for the high-efficiency Eco Cute is expanding. Accordingly, Panasonic will increase production capacity to meet this demand.

Penetrating the Market

According to the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, domestic shipments of Eco Cute in 2022 hit a record high of 704,000 units. The rate of Eco Cute installations in newly-built single-family homes is particularly high, standing at 51% in 2021.

eco cute
Panasonic's Eco Cute heat pump water heater production line in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture. (©Kyodo)

However, the rate of installation in existing single-family homes, which make up the volume of hot-water demand, remains low at 21%. Panasonic HD intends to also target homes being remodeled to increase installations of Eco Cute systems.

Continue reading the full story on Japan 2 Earth to learn more about just how Panasonic will increase its production to bring customers more of these environmentally sound water heaters.

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Author: Hiroto Kuwajima


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