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Possible NATO Invitation for Kishida as Biden Seeks Regional Cooperation

Talks are underway to invite PM Kishida to a July NATO Summit as US President Joe Biden seeks to enhance regional cooperation and focus on the war in Ukraine.



Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and US President Joe Biden (©Getty via Kyodo)

WASHINGTON-Just weeks ahead of the April 10 Japan-US summit, it was learned that talks are underway between Washington and Tokyo. The aim is to formally invite Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit (NATO) set for Washington, DC in July. 

Kishida and United States President Joe Biden plan to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine at their April summit. Three months later at the NATO Summit, leaders will focus on enhancing cooperation between Europe and the Indo-Pacific region to deter Russia and China. Kishida will carefully review the political calendar before making a final decision on whether to participate. 

There is widespread anticipation that both leaders will reach a consensus in backing Ukraine against Russian aggression and upholding sanctions.

Leaders of invited countries assembled at the NATO meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania hold a ceremony to announce their joint declaration of support for Ukraine. (via Cabinet Office of Japan)

Japan's Role and Regional Cooperation

Biden prioritizes fostering collaboration between NATO member countries and the Indo-Pacific region to support Ukraine and deter potential further aggression. 

Japan has been an active participant in addressing the Ukraine issue. By inviting Kishida to the NATO summit, Biden hopes to promote regional solidarity and cooperation.

This year marks NATO's 75th anniversary, with Washington hosting the pivotal summit from July 9 to 11.

In June 2022 in Spain, Kishida made history as the first Japanese Prime Minister to attend a NATO summit. If he decides to participate in the Washington summit, it would be his third consecutive year of attendance.

Benefit for Japan

For Japan, the NATO summit presents an opportunity to strengthen ties with Europe in addressing China's hegemonic actions. It is also a chance to discuss the Taiwan issue and North Korea's nuclear and missile development


Leaders from South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand participated alongside Japan the 2023 NATO Summit in Lithuania.


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Author: Kazuyuki Sakamoto

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