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Pui Pui Molcar Rides into the Gaming World of Nintendo Switch

Join the lovable guinea pig-Pui Pui motor vehicle hybrids from Moltown as they collaborate with Nintendo Switch for a whole new fuzzy experience.





Ever since stop motion anime Pui Pui Molcar started airing back in January, it has become somewhat of a viral hit amongst fans on Twitter and TikTok.

Having unleashed their first ever mobile game earlier this year, the lovable guinea pig-motor vehicle hybrids are now getting ready to ride right into the gaming world of Nintendo, with a Pui Pui Molcar Nintendo Switch game planned for release on the 16th of December 2021.

The animation consists of 2 minute-length shorts that follow the strange and often hectic lives of the guinea pig-motor car hybrids, Molcars – which take their name from the word ‘car’ and the Japanese word for Guinea Pigs ‘morumotto’ – as they find themselves the unsuspecting victims of negative human activity.

Set in the anime’s location of Moltown, PUI PUI Molcar Let’s Molcar Party comes with 10 unique mini-games, such as ‘Molcar Dance Party’, ‘Molcar Football’ and ‘Molcar Race’ that can be played alone or with up to 4 people.

Additionally, players can interact with their Molcar’s outside of the mini games, by customizing them with original Molcar gaming accessories, feeding them a nourishing meal or stroking them.
As the player progresses through the mini-games and builds a relationship with the resident Molcars, the town will develop and more and more Molcars will arrive at Moltown. There are more than 40 individual Molcar characters to meet, whom you can lure into town with the help of bowls of rice.

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Author: Grape Japan