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[SOCIAL WIRE] Ambassadors and Delegates Converge in Hiroshima for 78th Anniversary

On the anniversary of the atomic bombing, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park served as the poignant backdrop for solemn tributes to 78 years of resilience and hope.



Sunday, August 6 arrived in Hiroshima to the gentle embrace of the morning sun. In serenity, the city solemnly remembered the 78th anniversary of the first atomic bomb dropped on a civilian population. Meanwhile, residents and visitors converged on the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in a poignant commemoration.

A profound and solemn gathering unfolded in the background, drawing ambassadors and foreign delegates from various corners of the world. Their presence in Hiroshima was a powerful statement of respect and unity. They offered solace to survivors — referred to as hibakusha ー and showed solidarity with the Japanese people.

Beyond the diplomatic overtones, this gathering resonated with a deeper, collective global pledge. That is to usher in an era devoid of nuclear armaments and to secure an enduring era of peace.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui both presented somber remarks during the commemoration ceremony. Notably, both also refrained from explicitly mentioning the country responsible for the 1945 attack.

This is a recurring trend among Japanese officials. They avoid explicitly attributing the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the United States during public speeches. Also observed in previous years, the practice reflects the broader approach taken by prime ministers and mayors of the affected cities during memorial ceremonies.

On X (formerly Twitter) we look at how other dignitaries conveyed their tributes.




Author: Galileo Ferrari

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