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[SOCIAL WIRE] Local Officials, Celebrities React to State of Emergency Declaration




In what could be one of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s most important press conferences in history, he declared on Tuesday, April 7, a state of emergency in Japan for two metropolitan areas and five prefectures: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, Fukuoka. It is effective from April 8 until May 6, after the golden week vacation.


On Twitter, we took a look at how some officials and celebrities reacted.


Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo

In response to today’s ‘State of Emergency’ declaration, the Metropolitan Government requests the residents of Tokyo to restrict going outdoors as an emergency precaution. The main purpose is to protect the lives of Tokyo residents. Avoiding human contact is the best solution. Transforming your behavior is key to protecting yourself and your loved ones. Let’s work together to overcome this difficult situation.


Hirofumi Yoshimura, Mayor of Osaka

Today, a ‘State of Emergency’ declaration has been issued. This is a message from me to everyone.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese singer, model, and blogger

State of Emergency declaration…
Stay at home, can’t go out but let’s surround ourselves with cute things. I’d love to make that kind of online store. I wonder how that would go. I let my company president know I want to do it.


Motohiro Oono, Governor of Saitama

Emergency measures were announced in response to the ‘State of Emergency’ declaration. It is vital for the citizens of our prefecture to practice self-restraint of unnecessary and urgent outings. We will respond without hesitation to ill practices of buying and selling. Please remain calm and stay safe.


Yasushi Takahashi, Mayor of Mito

It has been pointed out that policies are inconsistent, but it is necessary for politics to review them flexibly as conditions change. With the ‘State of Emergency’ declaration, the number of people returning from the focus area to Mito City is expected to increase, and the change in the flow of people is regarded as a major change in crisis management, and temporary closure is determined. Regarding high school, I made a request to corresponding organizations but could not follow through. I deeply apologize for this.


Kazma Sakamoto, Pro Wrestler

‘State of Emergency’ has been declared!
I will do whatever I can now.
Just stay on top of it!

Please compensate me!


Kazuhito Fukuyama, Lawyer and 2020 Kyoto Mayor Candidate

Prime Minister calls on citizens to stay at home with the ‘State of Emergency’ declaration, but says that they should do something independently unless tax-exempt households and income are reduced by 50%
Forcibly work → coronavirus epidemic → deaths will arise
Forced self-control → Bankruptcy / poverty → deaths will arise
Compensation is the key to infection prevention

Galileo Ferrari works at a global IT company, consults with startups in Japan, and is a contributor with JAPAN Forward. The views expressed are his own.