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[SOCIAL WIRE] Revelers Creepin It Real at Shibuya Halloween



In recent years, Shibuya has stolen the spotlight for Halloween festivities in Tokyo. Never short of any controversy (4 Men Arrested in Shibuya Halloween Chaos) and novelty (Kawaii Monster Cafe’s Halloween Menu Features Western “Monster Celebrities” Vampire, Frankenstein and Werewolf), it has been an adventure. And if you are expecting a well-behaved and peaceful gathering, well… that’s just witchful thinking. 


Without a shadow of doubt the multitudes have come from near and far dressed in their carefully selected attire to shake their boo-ties, presumably all dying to have fun in the party town. To put it bluntly, people will turn up to get sheet-faced… 


On Twitter, we look at how people were creepin’ it real. Happy Halloween!