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SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024: So Many Sustainable Innovations to Explore

Dive into sustainable living at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 in Symbol Promenade Park & Uminomori Area, offering eco-gourmet, futuristic vehicles, and tech showcases.



Vertical wind power generators at the Uminomori Area. (Courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 launched its Showcase Program on May 12 at Symbol Promenade Park and Uminomori Area. These two scenic locations are among the four Tokyo venues hosting the event. The program highlights sustainability and innovative technologies, offering a space for fresh perspectives and exciting discoveries.

At Symbol Promenade Park, visitors can enjoy environmentally friendly gourmet, vehicles, and technology

They can immerse themselves in a vision of a sustainable future through an array of food options with minimal environmental impact. From savoring delicious plant-based dishes known for their flavor, health benefits, and eco-friendliness to enjoying locally sourced delicacies, there is something to delight every palate.

Sustainable Cuisine

Among the bustling food stalls and trucks, one standout is Kappo Funyu, an authentic Japanese restaurant from Honjo-Azumabashi, Tokyo. It offers a unique culinary experience—a special set of nigiri sushi featuring Atlantic salmon cultivated in indoor tanks. 

A Kappo Funyu spokesperson explained: "We specialize in land-based aquaculture salmon, raising our salmon indoors with almost 100% water recirculation. Unlike traditional ocean-based salmon farming methods seen worldwide, our approach minimizes environmental impact and waste."

Kappo Funyu aquaculture salmon, available at the Symbol Promenade Park (courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

EATBEAT!, a unique dining fusion of music and gastronomy, is also not to be missed. At EATBEAT!, visitors can indulge in a meticulously curated course menu showcasing fresh spring ingredients sourced from Tokyo. 

Behind the menu is a chef whose restaurant earned the prestigious Bib Gourmand recognition in the Michelin Guide Tokyo. This veritable feast offers diners the opportunity to relish gourmet delicacies that are both delectable and environmentally conscious. Dishes offered include spring carrots and sakura seabream terrine, roast Tokyo beef, and strawberry cheesecake.

Culinary expert Yukiya Terai is speaking on sustainable food items at YUKIAMESHI x Oisix, followed by a tasting session. Terai, known for his restaurant Yukiyameshi's focus on sustainable ingredients and exquisite presentations, is teaming up with food delivery service Oisix ra Daichi. Their menu features a range of delicious offerings, including fish burgers, sea urchin capellini, and kelp rolls, followed by a dessert.


Next-Gen Mobility

At the Mirai Circuit, guests can explore micro-mobility options, including "test-driving" driverless buses and other futuristic vehicles. 

SusHi Tech envisions a fresh urban transportation model where people can select from a broad range of mobility choices suited to their lifestyle and physical abilities. The circuit features two courses: one for low-speed vehicles and another for high-speed vehicles.

One of the low-speed vehicles available to visitors is Segway's PT i2 SE. This flagship model can be ridden indoors or outdoors and can travel up to 38km on a single charge.

Visitors riding the Poimo mobility device (courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

Then, there is Poimo, an electric mobility device with a unique partially inflatable design. Its versatility is truly impressive. Users can fold it up for effortless transport and expand it to accommodate themselves and their belongings comfortably. This adaptable design is tailored to meet a wide range of mobility requirements. Poimo is suitable for everyday commuting or specialized tasks. For example, it can serve as a lightweight wheelchair or a convenient luggage carrier.

On the high-speed end is the ZERO9 Lite electric kickboard. Because it qualifies as a small-sized moped it does not require a license. Designed for easy hill climbing, thanks to its low-speed torque tuning, the ZERO9 Lite ensures smooth and effortless rides uphill and downhill. With rear-wheel drive and small-diameter tires, it delivers excellent torque performance below 20 km/h. Furthermore, it can navigate gradients of up to 15% on typical roads, and its reliable braking system ensures safe descents.

Tech Exploration at Uminomori

Over at the Uminomori Area, visitors can test out various technologies on land, in the sea, and the sky. These exhibits and demonstrations are divided into three themes: next-generation mobility, cutting-edge renewable energy, and environmental improvement. They align with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Priority Project, which aims to create a sustainable city by integrating nature and convenience.

At Roboko's Drone Factory, visitors can get hands-on experience with drones. They will have an opportunity to build their own drone, gaining insight into its mechanics. After this, they will put it to the test in a thrilling drone race. The participation fee is ¥2,000 per person, and participants get to keep their drone after the event.

Drones on display at the Uminomori Area (courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

At Uminomori, the Tech Skateboarding Zone is another standout attraction. Boasting expansive open spaces, it is a skateboarder's paradise. What sets it apart is the electricity generated by the power generation equipment installed in the area, powering these skateboards. Vertical axis wind turbines supply electricity off-grid, allowing visitors to experience sustainable lifestyles firsthand.

A verification project is underway to integrate drones into social infrastructure. The goal is to assess the feasibility of using remote-controlled, self-flying drones for inspection and monitoring services. 

One such experimental drone, the KDDI Smart Drone, is designed for aerial and underwater operations. Another model in development is a self-charging drone equipped with charging ports for extended operation. Visitors will get the opportunity to test out the KDDI Smart Drone firsthand.


The Symbol Promenade Park event will continue until Sunday, May 26. Check their website for information on how to get there. 

Meanwhile, the Uminomori Area event will run until Tuesday, May 21. Find access information on their website.


Author: Daniel Manning