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Synthetic Methane: A Promising Path for Decarbonization and Energy Security

City gas companies are testing synthetic methane technologies and advancing plans to import synthetic methane toward transitioning away from fossil fuels.



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The outcome document of the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in late 2023, emphasized the imperative to accelerate the "transition away" from fossil fuels. This marks the first explicit call for overall restraint on fossil fuels in COP outcome documents — a development deemed by some as "historic."

However, the practical challenges associated with shifting away from fossil fuels remain formidable. Immediate considerations involve expanding the use of renewable energy that does not emit greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide (CO2) during power generation or leveraging nuclear power. 

Yet, many decarbonization technologies require substantial new investments. Addressing the demand for high-temperature heat from industries, such as smelting furnaces, poses challenges that cannot be resolved through electrification alone.

City Gas Solutions

Against this backdrop, the city gas industry is taking on the challenge of developing technologies. Ones are needed that not only utilize existing infrastructure, reducing the need for new investments, but also address the demand for high-temperature heat in various industries. 

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Author: Shunichi Takahashi

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