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Unleash Your Inner Warrior at the Samurai Ninja Museum

Learn swordsmanship, uncover the secrets of the ninja, and delve into Japan's legendary past at the Samurai Ninja Museum in Tokyo.



Guests dressed up as a samurai holding replica swords | Photo: Kyoto Maikoya

Standing in the heart of Asakusa, Tokyo, the Samurai Ninja Museum is a monument to Japan's storied warriors. Forget sterile displays and dusty textbooks — this museum is a vibrant tapestry, woven with history's pulse and the thrill of adventure.

The museum, which opened in December 2023, is a tribute to the legendary samurai and ninja warriors. It not only educates visitors about the rich history of these warriors but also offers a variety of engaging activities for a hands-on experience.

Bushido in Motion

The Samurai Ninja Museum is more than just a place to observe and learn — it's a place to experience. They can try on traditional Japanese clothing, hakama, and kimono, and learn the basics of swordsmanship under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Trial cutting | Photo: Kyoto Maikoya

Additionally, a collection of armor and weapons tells ancient tales of bravery and sacrifice. A katana of a famed warlord can be observed up close, its gleaming edge reflecting countless stories of heroism.

Photo: Kyoto Maikoya
Photo: Kyoto Maikoya

The museum also provides a glimpse into the samurai's daily life, from the elegant tea ceremony to the art of calligraphy. Visitors can also learn about the bushido code, which is about loyalty and discipline as much as it is about combat.

Vanishing into the Shadows

The Samurai Ninja Museum offers a peek into the world of the elusive ninja. One of the key skills of the ninja is the art of camouflage. Maze-like passages, each turn revealing a hidden secret, are set up to test one's agility.

The museum showcases various tools used by the ninja, each demonstrating their ingenuity in deception and escape. For example, visitors can master the shuriken, a throwing star that silently cuts through the air. They can also experiment with the blowgun, another silent weapon of the ninja.

Guests throwing shuriken (ninja stars) | Photo: Kyoto Maikoya

Furthermore, the museum teaches about ninja clan networks, their mountaintop training grounds, and how they conducted covert operations. Visitors can even test their swordsmanship skills in a simulated bamboo forest and navigate a ninja obstacle course.

For those who need a break, a traditional tea ceremony experience offers a moment of tranquility from all the action.

Photo: Kyoto Maikoya
Photo: Kyoto Maikoya

Finally, special exhibits showcase the enduring influence of these legendary figures in popular culture, particularly in the world of manga and anime.

Plan Your Visit

The museum is conveniently located in Taito City, Tokyo, and is easily accessible by public transportation.


Adult tickets are priced at ¥3,000 JPY (about $20 USD), with discounted rates for children and online bookings. Various packages offer enhanced experiences, like dressing in ninja attire or participating in advanced training sessions. Check the official website for more information and discounted packages.


  • Book your tickets online to avoid queues, especially during peak season.
  • English-speaking guides are available, ensuring understanding for international visitors.
  • Leave bulky bags in the cloakroom for a more comfortable experience.
  • Make sure to visit the Samurai Gift Shop for unique souvenirs and replica swords.


Author: Shaun Fernando

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