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The Ramen Bracket on JAPAN Forward: Super 16

JAPAN Forward



September in Japan is the beginning of the “autumn appetite” (shokuyoku no aki 食欲の秋). In honor of the season, we present the “JAPAN Forward Reader’s Ramen Championship” bracket.


There are four ramen options from four categories. Vote for one option in each pair (two pairs per category) in this round: Kotteri, Spicy, Assari, and Kawari. 


The top 16 ramen options have been narrowed down (with many difficult exclusions), and now it’s up to you, JAPAN Forward readers, to declare the best. Cast your votes every Wednesday from now until the final round, and collectively decide the Ramen Champion!


Voting has finished

Please proceed to the next round: Awesome Eight


Super (Soup-er) 16


Hakata Tonkotsu vs Tori Paitan


Sapporo Miso vs Niigata se abura



Nagaoka Ginger vs Nagoya ‘Taiwan’


Kyoto Sansho vs Mabo Dofu



Asakusa Shoyu vs Fukuoka Madai

Hakodate Shio vs Tottori Gyukotsu



Hiroshima Lemon vs Miso Curry Milk


Tokyo Midori vs Toyama Black