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Top 10 Slang for Young Japanese Women



Source: Payless Images (model) | © PIXTA at https://pixta.jp/photo/67286456

Beginning in 1995, Japanese magazine egg delivered the latest about gyaru fashion and featured photos of ganguro girls in the streets.


As the popularity of gyaru culture waned, egg published its last issue in May 2014. However, egg returned as an online magazine in March 2018 and continues to enlighten its readers about gyaru culture.


Their most recent issue features『egg流行語大賞2020』where they conducted a survey to discover the top 10 most popular Japanese phrases among young women.


Egg collected answers from its models and followers, with the total number of participants reaching 5,000 women.


Let’s find out what kids these days are saying and look at each phrase so that you’ll be up-to-date with the latest lingo.



Top 10 Japanese slang words according to egg readers

#10: 397

This phrase is read ‘sankyū na.’ A play on Japanese numbers and pseudo-English, this is a phrase of gratitude. Commonly used as an Instagram hashtag, it conveys more intimacy and familiarity than the usual ‘arigatou.’


It was first introduced and popularized by the DJ group レぺゼン地球 (Represent chikyū) in their song lyrics.


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