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You'll Be Smiling as you Walk with Nintendo’s New App

Pikmin Bloom was released by Nintendo right around November 1. Our reporter reviews it here and lets you know what to expect - and how to get it.



© 2021, Niantic, inc., Nintendo.



Around November 1, Pikmin Bloom, an “entertainment-pedometer”, was released for iOS and Android in Japan and around the world. This app was developed by Niantic, the company known for Pokémon Go, one of the most profitable applications on the game app market today. 

The description says, “Let’s go walking with Pikmins!”

Are they the same kind of game apps? Is it worth downloading? One of the writers of Japan FORWARD decided to download this app, and try it for a week.

Here’s what our experience taught us. 


Hello Pikmin

To begin with, what is “Pikmin” in the name of the app?

Pikmin is a consumer game developed and launched by Nintendo. It’s based on the theme of a hero who landed on an unknown planet and encountered a mysterious creature, Pikmin. 

Players join the hero and explore the world of the Pikmin, finding there are various unique pikmin, of different sizes, abilities, colors and costumes


Although out only a short time, the app offers users a deep and attractive worldview. And the sophisticated game has won itself many fans. 


Let Pikmin Bloom

One characteristic of Pikmin is they have a flower seed on the top of their head. 

In this app, your mission - as a user - is to join Pikmin Bloom, let them bloom and fill the world with flowers as you walk. 

“Walk to grow more Pikmins, Walk to make flowers bloom, Walk to log your memories” (Pikmin Bloom Official Websites, 2021).

Unlike Pokémon GO, where battles are part of the experience, with this new app it is unnecessary to go to battle with anyone or anything. 

In fact, it would appear that the main purpose of Pikmin Bloom is to encourage you to go walking, which makes it perfect for just about every age group and fitness level.

Join Pikmin and you will make  new and unique companions, and grow more flower seeds, by piling on more steps.


The flowers provide cheerful encouragement by collecting items together with you as you walk. More information is available on this gameplay info from the official website.

Above: A new Pikmin user (that's me) starting the game.
Above: Here is the same user after a week of walking with Pikmin. Notice the different kinds of Pikmin starting to appear.

Walk around, and fill the world with flowers with other players. ©️Niantic, Inc., Nintendo.

Some types of Pikmin. ©️Niantic, Inc., Nintendo. 

Moreover, the more you walk, the more unique Pikmins you will get from their seeds.

How to Start?

① Download Pikmin Bloom app in App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android.

② Create your own Nintendo account or login current account.

③ After the explanation and tutorial, it’s time to go walking.

My phone has 6GB RAM and SnapDragon 665.
The app has never crashed, but sometimes becomes a bit slow and awkward. 

Give us feedback in the comments section if you have other suggestions on understanding the technical requirements to play this app.

Making your game image

My Impressions: Pikmin Bloom Is An Entertainment Pedometer.

Initially I downloaded the app to see what kind of experience Nintendo had in mind. I found that Pikmin bloom is more than just a game. 

As with Wii sports and Wii Fit, which enable players to use their bodies as if they were actually playing baseball ー- or tennis ー and so on with a revolutionary remote controller, one of the defining features of Nintendo is that it is always trying to make a game more than just a game. 

In this sense, Pikmin Bloom feels like a Nintendo game very much. At first, I thought it was just too simple. But after downloading and trying it, I found myself walking  more than before, just  to let more Pikmin bloom. 

What I particularly like about the gameplay of this app is that you can concentrate on walking as you use it.

There are many other walking GPS entertainment apps. However, many of those games interrupt your walking at times. Pokémon GO, for example,does this by its gameplay design:  you sometimes have to stop to catch and battle with Pokémon. For some, that disruption is disturbing. But even more often, the disruption creates a safety issue by stopping the user in an inappropriate place. 


On the other hand, with Pikmin Bloom you can enjoy walking without being disturbed.
Most of the game part can be done before and after the walking.

For me, and perhaps for most of us, the most difficult part of doing exercise is to encourage yourself to continue it. This is where Pikmin Bloom excels.

Pikmin Bloom will give you another motive and entertainment for exercise. 

Pikmin Bloom is even generating community events. It’s first community day, a worldwide simultaneous event, was held on November 4.

There is no need to wait for the next one, however, It’s easy, safe and uplifting, so try it as I did, and let’s explore the world with Pikmins, and stay healthy!

Author: Simon KAGAYA

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