Strengthening cooperation between the U.S. and Japan on the abduction cases

An American citizen may have been abducted Throughout the heart wrenching history of North Korea’s abduction of Japanese citizens, the United States’ assistance to Japan has been more significant than publicly known. Now the United States is faced with the probability that an American citizen, one of its own, also may have been abducted and […]

International pressure is the name of the “weapon” they seek…Why do the families of Japanese victims of North Korean abduction go overseas? In 1978, no one knew . . . North Korea was abducting women all over the world-

Los Angeles Correspondent for the Sankei Shimbun In the American state of Utah, a man named Ted Bundy was arrested for the serial murder of several dozen women. In Great Britain, the first test tube baby was born. In the jungles of Guiana in South America, about 900 followers of a new American cult, along […]

After 40 years, Victim’s Families Urge to Resolve the North Korean Abductions

“Megumi, I will do whatever it takes to rescue you! Please don’t give up! Everyone absolutely believes you will come home and we are all waiting for you, so keep your chin up!” This was the appeal of a Japanese woman at a rally held in Tokyo, on April 9, 2016. Her name is Sakie […]

North Korea demands South bring back the 12 waitresses it ‘abducted’in China

PYONGYANG(AP)― North Korea stepped up its calls Tuesday for South Korea to return 12 waitresses whom Pyongyang says Seoul abducted from a restaurant in China. Seoul says the waitresses willingly defected to the South. North Korean authorities on Tuesday presented the colleagues and parents of the waitresses to North Korean and international media in Pyongyang. […]