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#23 Real Issues, Real Voices, Real Japan Podcast – Council on Geostrategy and UK-Japan Relations

The Council on Geostrategy is an independent non-profit organisation situated in the heart of Westminster. The Council of Geostrategy focuses on an international environment increasingly defined by geopolitical competition and the environmental crisis.



Listen in as the Council on Geostrategy’s Co-founder and Director of Research Mr. James Rogers and Associate Fellow Dr. Philip Shetler-Jones join the JAPAN Forward editorial staff and special guest Dr. Rieko Hayakawa for a far-reaching discussion of UK-Japan relations amidst the increasingly tense geopolitical environment. 

Celebrating its one-year anniversary in March 2022, the Council on Geostrategy is an independent non-profit organization situated in the heart of Westminster with research focus on a strong Britain, geopolitics, and environmental security. Arriving on the scene just as the UK was defining its “Global Britain” strategy, the Council significantly contributed to the conversation through its research and analysis, as well as in articles shared on JAPAN Forward.


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