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A Special Friendship: Taiwan Event to Support Japan, Fishing Community

Reciprocating initiatives in 2022 to help Taiwan counter China's economic coercion, now it is promoting Japan's fishing industry against China's import ban.



Premium Japanese scallops from Northern Japan. (Image via JETRO on X (formerly Twitter)

There is a special upcoming event titled "Let's Promote Taiwan-Japan Friendship by Eating Japanese Seafood!" It will be held on the evening of Christmas Day, December 25, in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

The friendship event is Taiwan's expression of support for its friends. 

In protest of the release of ALPS treated water into the ocean from Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Station, the Chinese government placed a total ban on imports of Japanese marine products. This has severely impacted Japanese seafood businesses. It has especially hurt the sale of products like scallops that were heavily reliant on the Chinese market. 

A poster in Taipei advertises the details of the December 25 event celebrating Japanese seafood. (Provided by the organizers.)

'Reciprocating Japan's Goodwill'

Several Taiwanese organizations, including Taiwan-Japan friendship groups, planned a special event after learning about the plight of Japanese fishery businesses. They described their idea as, "Now it's our turn to help Japan." 

The move was described as "a way of repaying a favor." China applied economic coercion to the island democracy by suspending the import of certain Taiwanese products. In response, Japan increased its imports of those items, such as pineapple and high-end fish such as grouper. 

For the December 25 event, Taiwanese trading companies and others are importing scallops and other marine products from Hokkaido. They plan to have one Japanese and one Taiwanese chef engage in a culinary competition at a large wedding hall in Taipei. 

A poster announces the December 25, 2023 event in Taipei, Taiwan.

Tickets Sold Out in 2 Days

Moreover, there is an expanding circle of support. About 20 Taiwanese companies are helping to sponsor the event. Now, Japanese sake manufacturers are contributing their sake as well. 

Admission is $1,500 NT (around $50 USD, or approximately ¥6,800 JPY) each. Tickets went quickly, selling out all 1,2000 in about two days. 

Ye Jian-yang, the event's executive director, said, "We want many people to know that Japan's treated water meets international safety standards."



(Read the article in Japanese.)  

Author: Akio Yaita, Taipei Bureau Chief

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