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Emperor Naruhito Prepares for UK State Visit with Press Conference 

Emperor Naruhito spoke with reporters, looking forward to his visit to the UK while also expressing regret over wartime conflict between the two countries.



Before visiting the United Kingdom, Emperor Naruhito attended a press conference in the Shakkyo-no-Ma (drawing room) of the Imperial Palace on the afternoon of June 19. (Pool photo)

On June 19, His Majesty the Emperor spoke to the media at the Imperial Palace's Shakkyo-no-Ma drawing room. The press conference comes ahead of Their Majesties' state visit to the United Kingdom on June 22. 

Strengthening Japan-UK Ties

His Majesty said he hopes this visit will further enrich the longstanding friendship between Japan and the UK. 

During the press conference, the Emperor emphasized specific points of interest for this visit. Prominent among them is his hope to nurture intergenerational relations and "historical exchanges" with England. 

Furthermore, he expressed sincere regret over the wartime conflict between both nations. 

Additionally, he related learning about interactions with the British royal family and their shared commitment to peace from Emperor Emeritus Akihiko. "I intend to firmly uphold these sentiments," Emperor Naruhito affirmed.

Emperor Naruhito also underscored foreign visits as "a vital cornerstone" of the imperial family's commitment to international goodwill.

Reflections and Gratitude

Before visiting the United Kingdom, Emperor Naruhito at a press conference in the Shakkyo-no-Ma (drawing room) of the Imperial Palace. Photo taken at 4:24 pm on June 19. (Pool photo)

Originally, the Emperor was scheduled to visit Great Britain in 2020 at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II. However, the trip was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, after the Queen's passing, the Emperor and Empress attended her state funeral. Emperor Naruhito lamented that he could not visit during her lifetime. 

His Majesty also conveyed his concern for King Charles and other members of the royal family who are combatting illness. "We are profoundly grateful for your warm invitation," he said, "despite your delicate health." 


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Author: The Sankei Shimbun