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[Hidden Wonders of Japan] 8000 Fireworks Light up the Night Sky in Akita

In April, Akita Prefecture celebrated the spring chapter of the Omagari Fireworks Festival. Look forward to the even bigger summer event on August 26.



The spring chapter of the Omagari Fireworks Festival on April 29. (© Kyodo )

On April 29, a spectacular fireworks display was held in Daisen city, Akita Prefecture. Around 8,000 brilliant fireworks lit up the spring night sky to the delight of the ecstatic crowd. It was the "spring chapter" of the Omagari Fireworks Festival, a Daisen tradition also celebrated in the summer and fall

A part-time worker from Yamagata Prefecture's Higashine city, who had come to the festival with a friend, was thrilled by the "impressive" fireworks. "It was so lively," he said. "It felt like things were returning to the way they were" before the COVID outbreak. 

Fireworks light up the night sky. (© Kyodo)

Notably, this year's spring chapter festival featured the "New Fireworks Collection." In it, young pyrotechnicians under the age of 45 used their skills to compete. Previously, the competition had been held on a different date. 

Daisen is particularly well-known for the Omagari Fireworks Festival in summer. In fact, it is officially known as the All Japan Fireworks Competition. Moreover, this year the competition will take place on August 26. 


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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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