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Korea’s Comfort Women Statues Are Cast-Metal Racial Hatred



(Last of 4 parts)


Part 1: Comfort Woman Statues: A War Against the US, Not Japan

Part 2: Comfort Women Issue: Why Do the Japanese Keep Apologizing?

Part 3: Americans, Comfort Women Myth Makers from Asia Think We’re Too Naive


Getting Down to Business: Statues about Politics, Power, and Money


Talking with the protesters, one soon realizes that this campaign of putting up comfort women statues is about removing American troops from Korea, and from throughout Asia. They want our troops gone, along with our THAAD missile defense and radars. China is using South Korea against itself. China is using South Korea to isolate South Korea. But this won’t stop here. It will spread throughout the entire region, and beyond. It already has.



Comfort woman propaganda activists. (Cr. Michael Yon)


We know that various parties are involved for different reasons, with several long games. Amnesty International, for example, uses the comfort women propaganda to raise money, as does the Catholic Church in Korea. Catholic priests and nuns regularly celebrate by the idols, and even keep an idol in front of the Franciscan Friary in Seoul.



Franciscan Friary, Seoul. (Cr. Michael Yon)


Puppet masters of the idol worshippers use them to prod and pull Americans to side against Japan and call for reparations, and then later to turn this back on the United States and demand consistency in that we Americans follow suit and admit our own guilt. This is a war of attrition, and each extracted apology is another defeat for present-day freedom as well as for historical accuracy.


(Cr. Michael Yon)


I interviewed the husband-and-wife team which makes most of the “comfort woman” idols. The idols sell for about $30,000 each, with dozens deployed so far. This is an extremely lucrative business. This is no charity organization—this is about power and money.



Stirring Up Hatred in the US


Residents of Brookhaven, Georgia, will learn that these statues are not “fire and forget” monuments. The idols are like coffee franchises. They are used as fundraisers and pilgrimage spots. Locals will often see these stories in the news, as if the statue is a local celebrity. There is an extensive PR apparatus behind the Brookhaven and other statues. Once an idol comes to town, the franchise’s culture comes with it—ethnic hatred, aggressive political attacks, and, yes, violence.


When I researched the statue in Glendale, California, a group of pilgrims came in from Japan and gathered around their idol. A Japanese informant joined their group. The group did not notice her. She listened to them and finally spoke, and discovered they were answering a pilgrimage advertisement in the Akahata (Red Flag) newspaper in Japan.


Akahata is famously and overtly communist. The Japanese Communist Party makes no attempt to hide its communism behind epithets or metaphors. Akahata is the JCP’s flagship publication. There is a reason for the idol pilgrimages being advertised in a Japanese newspaper which is openly and unapologetically sympathetic to the same ideology which directly caused tens of millions of deaths in Asia in the 20th century.


The Korean promoter of the Glendale idol-franchise is Phyllis Kim. She can often be seen in the mainstream media. The statue entrepreneurs use the monument as a cash cow. Rest assured that wherever an idol-franchise lands in America, Phyllis Kim will be involved. There is cash at stake.



Chinese and Korean promoters have been successful at pulling in far-left and feminist groups to do their bidding. Each affiliated group has its own reasons for jumping on the bandwagon, and most groups have no idea that they are tools for getting US troops out of Asia so that China can dominate the entire region, land and sea. Other groups are in it just for the money. Naïveté and exploitation rarely stay apart for very long.


What’s Korea Doing About Human Trafficking?


Again, this is not about comfort women or morality. Until recently, drunkenness was a viable defense for rape in Korean courts. Korea is famous for domestic and export prostitution. Not far from the main idol in Seoul are prostitutes in their seventies literally working the streets. The Koreans do nothing to help these sad women. Each time I asked in Korea about the elderly prostitutes, there was a mood change, as if I had just taken a step toward triggering hwa-byung.



Koreans and Chinese traffic women in appalling numbers, including to Georgia. Atlanta, not far from Brookhaven, is a hub of human trafficking, including thousands of women from East Asia. Human trafficking is a horrific crime. Its victims cry out for our help. And yet, those who claim to be concerned about human trafficking make pilgrimages to a “fake news” statue about a discredited myth instead of reaching out to help the flesh-and-blood women who are being bought and sold like chattel right in Brookhaven’s backyard.



Just recently, in New York, a Korean couple was arrested for enslaving South Korean children. This is 2017, and Koreans are still buying and selling human beings. Where is the apology for this? Southern hospitality should never, ever extend to those who mistreat women and children. Period.


Hatred Breeds Violence—And Already Has


This could unfurl for hundreds of pages. Let’s wrap it, saying that the opening photos in this article are those of US Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert, after an assassination attempt by comfort women terrorist Kim Ki-jong. Kim is lionized as a hero in South Korea. It’s no coincidence that the man who tried to slash an American official to ribbons is also a fanatic comfort women idol devotee.


Much violence has stemmed from these idols, including one other man so brainwashed that he set himself ablaze. He died.


These statues are not just fake news—they’re bad news. Very bad. Keep Georgia moving forward. Keep the violence out of our cities and towns. These statues are cast-metal racial hatred, precisely the opposite of the Dr. King memorial right down the road. Brookhaven does not want this curse.



Kim Ki-jong – Comfort Woman terrorist who attacked the Japanese Ambassador to South Korea, and who tried to assassinate U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert.(AP Photo)


For more, please see: The Hate Farm: China Is Planting a Bitter Harvest



Michael Yon is a former Green Beret who has been working as an independent writer and photographer since the 1990s and reported from the Iraq and Afghan Wars, and during unrest in Thailand. His investigation of the Interagency Working Group (IWG) report found that the U.S. government uncovered no evidence of forced abductions or sexual enslavement in Japan’s Comfort Women programs.



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  1. Light from America

    August 22, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    Kudos to Michael Yon for his informative four-part exposé and his untiring efforts to reveal the facts, and fight for truth and justice. Today, when anti-Japanese hate groups and their abettors dominate the Internet, brave souls like Mr. Yon are essential.

    Many Americans, now taken in by the false narrative, will not listen to Japanese people, who often "sound" insensitive and disingenuous when they communicate in English about this topic. This problem is true even for Japanese who think their English language skills are good. Persuading Americans and other Westerners requires more than facts and proper grammar; it requires expertise in the art of persuasion and public relations that only those raised in the West understand.

    The truth will eventually triumph, thanks to the courage of individuals like Mr. Yon. Japanese people should forever be indebted to Mr. Yon, and give him and other non-Japanese like him their undivided support.

  2. CCinsurgente47

    August 7, 2017 at 7:00 am

    It's regrettable and deplorable that more comfort women statues/monuments are being erected in America as is the case in the Brookhaven, GA episode. As I have previously voiced my take on the comfort women issue, not only is it being used to tarnish the Japanese men's image, being portrayed as savage macho beasts, and to potentially impair US-Japan relations, it is also being used to further promote the exaggerated victimhood of the eternally-abused women by their macho-men abusers. This is clearly a psychological conditioning process designed to further disrupt the relationship between men and women, giving more empowerment to the radical wing of women's liberation movement. The empowerment of women's liberation movement is a prerequisite for the destabilization of the family unit, a vital ingredient for the final installation of a Godless world government, by those who are the behind the scenes advancing the comfort women issue.

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