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New Report on Global Warming Seeks Ways to Mitigate the Poverty Boom and Achieve a Sustainable Society

Global warming countermeasures are a pressing issue, but should be pursued while considering how to reduce poverty in order to achieve a sustainable society.



Conceptual diagram of a "climate model" that divides the atmosphere into grids and simulates the climate effects. (Provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency)

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Countries worldwide are working towards achieving a sustainable society for the future. That includes measures to curb the acceleration of global warming and reach carbon neutrality

One such measure is the introduction of a carbon tax. However, a recent study by Kyoto University indicates that some global warming countermeasures may have disastrous consequences. For example, the number of people living in poverty in 2050 could increase by 44% globally. Moreover, that number could double in Asia. 

Once again, the unanticipated "side effects" of global warming countermeasures have highlighted the inherent difficulties in dealing with the issue.

Storm-Battered Philippines
People wade through a flooded street following heavy rains brought by Tropical Storm Nalgae, in Kawit, Cavite province, Philippines, October 30, 2022. REUTERS/Lisa Marie David

Urgency of Promoting Countermeasures

The effects of global warming are becoming increasingly apparent. Guerrilla rainstorms, ecosystem disturbances, ocean acidification, and rising sea levels are impacting society on an alarming scale. Therefore, controlling the greenhouse gas emissions that cause these environmental changes is a pressing global issue.

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Author: Junichiro Ito

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