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Remember Tibet and Make China See that Democracy Is Inevitable

"China should join … in the pursuit of peace. Democracy is inevitable. The days of dictatorships are numbered and mankind will not be slaves forever." — Dr Arya



Image of video footage run by China's CCTV shows Chinese soldiers taking part in military drills on Aug 19, 2023. (CCTV via AP)

China's 2019 white paper on defense said, "Since its founding 70 years ago, the People's Republic of China (PRC) has never started any war or conflict [...] No matter how it might develop, China will never threaten any other country or seek any sphere of influence [...] Peace is a common aspiration of people all around the world."

Last of three parts

First part: Erasing Tibet From the World Map: China's Nomenclature Aggression
Second part: What is Tibet?

Had China's assertion above been true and genuine, the world today would be more peaceful, friendly, and civilized. However, what China has done since the founding of the CCP is an open secret. It has brutally occupied and repressed Tibet, Southern Mongolia, and East Turkistan. Additionally, the Tiananmen massacre, the 1962 war of aggression against India, and the continued border incursions are just some of the heinous crimes China has perpetrated against humanity — at the cost of world peace and stability.

What about the ongoing threat of invasion and military buildups around Taiwan and Indo-Pacific regions? Countries around the South China Sea including Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam are being provoked constantly. They are forced to stay alert to push back Beijing's cranky repeated belligerent moves around the region.

China's 2019 white paper on national defense.

Wolf Warrior Diplomacy

Japan recently released the Fukushima plant's treated water into the ocean. This was done following strict international standards and with the approval of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Japan demonstrated how the water was being treated before the international community.

Furthermore, The New York Times reports that scientists have said that Japan's water release would have a negligible impact on human health or the environment. These scientists include Chinese experts invited to serve on a task force by the IAEA.

Therefore, China's intense criticism and backlash against Japan's discharge of treated water is baseless, unfounded, and unscientific. However, the general citizens of China are not to be blamed because the government's propaganda is the only source of information they have. And their leadership wants to stoke this anti-Japanese sentiment to divert public attention from more pressing socio-political issues at home. 

China must remember how Japan and the Japanese reacted when China earned global backlash for the eruption of COVID-19 from the Chinese city of Wuhan. The international community is owed a sincere apology and compensation from the CCP leadership for the deaths of more than seven million people. The pandemic wreaked havoc and caused great damage around the world. It's high time that the CCP leadership listened to the true wishes of its citizens and let China live peacefully with the world. 

View of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant on the day the treated water began to be released. (©Kyodo)


China's United Front Work Department is attempting to erase, remove, and wipe out the name "Tibet" from the people's tongues and memories. This dangerous, abhorrent scheme is designed not only to conceal forever the Tibet issue but also to wipe out Tibetan identity, language, and culture in one swipe. 

The CCP has forced around one million Tibetan children aged 6-18 to live in Chinese boarding schools in Tibet. By doing this, it has deprived the children of the freedom to learn the Tibetan language and Buddhism.


China should discard this wolf warrior diplomacy, stop threatening neighboring countries, and join the international community in the pursuit of peace — not just for China and Asia but for the world. Democracy is inevitable. The days of dictatorships are numbered and mankind will not be slaves forever. Colonialism is outdated and bound to collapse.

The international community should strongly condemn and oppose the Chinese belligerent moves. It should also be wary of the CCP's nomenclature aggression. Otherwise, a day may not be far when the world shall find most of the lands, mountains, and seas renamed by the CCP and become disputed regions.


Author: Dr Arya Tsewang Gyalpo

Dr Arya Tsewang Gyalpo is the former Secretary of the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) and former Director of the Tibet Policy Institute (TPI). He is currently the Representative of the Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan and East Asia. The view expressed above is the author's own.

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