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Self-Assembled Soccer Ball by Molten Ready to Inspire Dreams in Asian Children

Molten, a renowned sports equipment manufacturer, recently introduced the world's first self-assembled soccer ball, eliminating the need for an air pump.



Molten's MY FOOTBALL KIT, is a soccer ball that can be assembled with no need for inflation. (Photo provided by Molten, @Akihiro Yoshida)

Based in Hiroshima City, Molten Corporation specializes in rubber and plastic products across various sectors, including sports, automotive, and medical equipment. Since 2021, the company has undertaken a mission to support the development of Asian youth by creating modular soccer balls.

Molton's MY FOOTBALL KIT is assembled using just three types of parts akin to building blocks. It provides an injury-free soccer experience and removes the need for an air pump. With this new ball, children not only enjoy the game. By engaging in the hands-on assembly process, they also enhance their spatial awareness skills, providing an educational benefit.

Fostering a Soccer-Friendly Environment for Children

Why opt for a pump-free modular soccer ball?

The inspiration behind Molten's innovation stemmed from a sobering reality observed by one of its employees in Asia and other developing regions: Children playing soccer with deflated balls or makeshift alternatives crafted from clothing due to resource constraints.

Molten is a prominent Japanese ball manufacturer recognized for its official match balls in basketball, volleyball, soccer, and handball. Its soccer balls have been FIFA-certified since 1973.

Jun Uchida, a Molten employee who played soccer until college with aspirations of becoming a professional player, initially contemplated expanding the distribution of soccer balls in Asia. However, his perspective underwent a transformation.

"Soccer was instrumental in shaping my dreams and personal growth. It made me ponder if we could leverage the power of soccer to provide educational and sporting opportunities that inspire children to dream big and grow," Uchida said. 


He recognized the symbiotic relationship between Molten's expertise in sports equipment catering to schools and the realm of education. Pondering, he thought, "With our exceptional technology, how can we enrich the soccer landscape and nurture children's development?"

Jun Uchida, the initiator of MY FOOTBALL KIT (Photo provided by Molten)

The Unity of Uncompromising Technology

Driven by Uchida's vision, the project took flight, giving birth to MY FOOTBALL KIT, the world's first modular soccer ball.

Featuring a sleek design and crafted with approximately 70% recycled polypropylene, the ball embodies environmentally conscious materials. It offers the authentic feel of a traditional soccer ball — a testament to the unique expertise of a ball manufacturer. Disassembled for transportation, it reduces shipping costs. It also promotes sustainability by enabling easy part replacement in case of damage, sparing the entire ball from disposal.

In 2023, the modular soccer goal GOAL KIT was also released.​

Children assembling the MY FOOTBALL KIT (Photo provided by Molten)

Harnessing Corporate Resources for Social Impact

MY FOOTBALL KIT represents a corporate initiative where businesses procure the kits from Molten to donate to underprivileged children. It aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals of "Quality Education for All" and "Responsible Production and Consumption." A portion of the proceeds is reinvested to foster children's development through sports. Collaborations with diverse entities have facilitated the widespread distribution of balls and goals across Asia.

Establishing ball production facilities in developing Asian nations also holds the promise of generating local employment opportunities. Molten affirms, "We collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to develop products and services that address pertinent social challenges."


(Read the report in Japanese.)

Author: Hidemitsu Kaito