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Sweet and Sustainable: Chocolates Embrace Eco-Friendly Trends for Valentine's Day

Consumers can choose chocolates made from ingredients designed to reduce food loss and created with sustainability in mind for Valentine's Day.



SDGs themed chocolate dessert made from the puree of four types of imperfect fruits. (Image courtesy of Takashimaya)

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The idea of giving chocolates on Valentine's Day usually brings up a very decadent image. But in 2024, environmentally friendly products are creating a stir, like chocolates made from fruit that would otherwise have been discarded. These products not only contribute to reducing food waste, but their natural ingredients also bring new flavors to chocolate.

SDGs-Themed Chocolates

"Even ingredients that are non-standard, maybe because they are slightly bruised, can have good flavor," says renowned pastry chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka. One of his Valentine's Day products this year has an SDGs theme. The soft chocolates are made from the puree of fruits that were on the verge of being discarded due to imperfections or appearance issues. The sale price for a box of four is ¥2,401 JPY (roughly $16 USD).

The fresh chocolate comes in four flavors – white peach, Shine Muscat, blood orange, and La France pear. 

Renowned pastry chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka and his SDGs-themed chocolates (©Sankei)

"It was a challenge to combine the fruits with strong-flavored chocolate, but the flavors are nicely balanced," says Yoroizuka.

He paired a jelly confection using white peach puree, which is less acidic compared to oranges and other citrus fruits, with mildly acidic ruby chocolate. When spooned into the mouth, the chocolate brings a pleasant sweetness along with a refreshing acidity.

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Author: Fumi Takenaka

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