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The Royal Express Embarks on a Luxury Journey Across the Seto Inland Sea

The Royal Express will make a total of six three-night trips until March, featuring live music, course meals, and breathtaking views of Shikoku.



A departure ceremony was held for The Royal Express at the JR Takamatsu Station on January 26. (©Kyodo)

On January 26, Tokyu Corporation and JR Shikoku joined forces to host a grand departure ceremony for The Royal Express, a luxury sightseeing train departing from Takamatsu Station. Available for a limited time only, this train will traverse the scenic landscapes of the Shikoku and Seto Inland Sea regions, stopping at enchanting destinations like Kotohira, Matsuyama, and the picturesque Shimanami Expressway. Committed to delivering a travel experience with added value, the expedition seeks to illuminate the allure of Shikoku.

Having embarked from Okayama, The Royal Express gracefully pulled into Takamatsu Station. Then, with the stationmaster’s signal, it set off towards Ehime. On the platform were special guests, including Governor Toyohito Ikeda of Kagawa Prefecture, and railway enthusiasts who had gathered to see the train off.

The Royal Express will be making six trips in total until March. (Provided by Tokyu)

Live Performances and Luxurious Meals

The interior of The Royal Express is adorned with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. It features intricate inlay work (yosegi), lattice patterns (kumiko), and stained glass. Passengers on board can enjoy live violin performances and savor course meals prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

The interior of The Royal Express. (Provided by Tokyu)

During a press conference on the same day, President Masahiro Horie of Tokyu stated, "We want to showcase the wonders of Shikoku and the Seto Inland Sea to many people."

The train will embark on a total of six trips until March, each lasting three nights. Tours for two-person rooms start from ¥960,000 JPY ($6,500 USD) per person, but tickets are already sold out.


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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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