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Yukigaya Chemical Industry and Its Innovative Sponges

Student contributor Moa Maeda introduces the Yukigaya Chemical Industry and its newly-branded ethical sponges that are making a splash in the cosmetic industry.



Sponges made by Yukigaya Chemical Industry. (© JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)

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Recently, Yukigaya Chemical Industry has been all the rage in the makeup industry. The company's product, the Yukilon Sponge, holds an over 70% share of the global marketplace. Clients include famous Japanese cosmetic companies and international brands. The sponge has received multiple prestigious awards and attracted wide attention from the media.

What is so special about this sponge? With much honor, I was allowed to talk with CEO and President Mr. Noboru Sakamoto and ethical concierge Ms. Minori Nomura to find out the answer. 

But first, I would like to introduce its producer.


Yukigaya Chemical Industry

Founded 70 years ago after World War Ⅱ, the Yukigaya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has been passed on through three generations, manufacturing sponges for all fields.

The company has worked on multiple projects throughout the years, including expanding factories to Thailand and Shanghai and constructing schools in impoverished areas of China.

Yukigaya Chemical Industry
Yukigaya Chemical Industry CEO and President Noboru Sakamoto. (© JAPAN Forward by Moa Maeda)

Recently CEO and President Mr. Noboru Sakamoto has begun a new project that will lead to a better path in the industry: ethical makeup sponges.

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Author: Moa Maeda


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