An Interview With Kikkoman: How the Japanese Soy Sauce Became A Global Seasoning

  Kikkoman is a leading soy sauce manufacturer with a history spanning more than 350 years. This year, however, Kikkoman celebrates the 100th anniversary of the company’s incorporation in Japan and its 60th in the United States. Kikkoman has sold and promoted its soy sauce—a seasoning that was once known only in certain Asian countries—tenaciously overseas. In 2016, […]

Japanese Car Manufacturers’ Association Should Step in Kobe Steel Crisis

The automobile industry, a leader in the domestic manufacturing, is feeling the ramifications of the falsification of Kobe Steel quality control data. The affected aluminum, copper, and steel products are used widely in automobiles, so trust in Japanese manufacturing is dramatically shaken.    At this stage, no problems concerning the vehicle safety have been reported, […]