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#39 Real Issues, Real Voices, Real Japan Podcast – Wrapping Up Fuji Rock Day 1

JAPAN Forward’s team in Naeba gives a live inside view of the highlights of Day 1 and a preview of the artists to watch for on Day 2 of the Fuji Rock Festival.



Listen in as Arielle Busetto, Daniel Robson, and Micah Go, wrap up the first day of the 2022 Fuji Rock Festival, in Naeba, Niigata, sharing their highlights and giving a preview of Day 2.

In terms of the Day 1 highlights, the team shared their thoughts on Bonobo, and Awich.

Bonobo is a British musician, producer, and DJ, and his music is a combination of genres with influences from jazz and world music.

Awich is a female Japanese rap artist who grew up in Okinawa, and spent her adolescence in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. After many trials and tribulations, Awich returned to Japan to restart her career and life. She brings a new perspective of hip hop culture to the Japanese music industry.

The second day of the Fuji Rock Festival is the first day of the weekend. With the increase in audience size, the atmosphere and overall energy in the festival notches up a gear. 

The group’s focus is on Bloodywood, an Indian metal band from New Delhi, on the Green Stage for day 2. Veteran Fuji Rock and Japanese bands such as Glim Spanky, and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra are also on the menu.

Look for our live coverage on Twitter, and our most recent Fuji Rock articles. First, though, check out our preview articles for the festival:

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