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Mimei Sakamoto

Mimei Sakamoto is a Japanese artist and musician who sends her artistic expressions through many kind of media. Currently studying chanson from Au LAPIN AGILE in Montmarte, Paris, she is a new type of international artist of multi-media who alternates between Paris and Tokyo. She will hold a solo exposition in ESPACE SORBONNE4 from November 9-22, 2021. Born in 1965 in Yokohama, Japan, her work includes manga artist, essays, critique and TV commentator, among others. One piece, “Montmartre" has been recommended for inclusion in an exposition in Spain in October of 2021. In February, 2022, 3 of her pictures will be shown at the SALON INTERNATIONAL. Sakamoto developed an incurable collagen related syndrome which prompted a break from 2010~2015. After recovering, she sang "Blue Legend", a prayer for the return of victims abducted by North Korea, at Santa Maria Maggiore at the Vatican in 2018, accompanied by Orchestra Sinfonica G.Rossini.