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[Hidden Wonders of Japan] Fukushima: Rare Flower 'Competition' in Hanamiyama

To the delight of visitors, an unusually warm spring has caused multiple flowers to bloom all at once at Hanamiyama park in Fukushima city.



Hanamiyama at its best. Many species of flowers bloomed at the same time, creating a rare "flower competition" on April 2 in Fukushima city. (© Sankei by Nobuo Serizawa)

There has never been a better time to explore Hanamiyama, or "flower-viewing mountain." The popular viewing area in Fukushima City is also known as "Togenkyo", which means "earthly paradise." This spring 2023, the park was reopened to the public without COVID-related restrictions for the first time in four years. 

On April 2, the park was packed from the morning due to the nice weather. The sun was so brilliant by noon that tourists were virtually sweating. Many people were out walking in light clothing and having a good time. 

Hanamiyama on April 2. (© Sankei by Nobuo Serizawa)

Because of this year's unusually high temperatures, flowers with varied blooming times have bloomed all at once. And many of their blossoms opened more than a week earlier than usual. So visitors have been able to enjoy a "flower competition."

Hanamiyama on April 2. (© Sankei by Nobuo Serizawa)

An office worker from Tokyo's Edogawa Ward had traveled to Hanamiyama with his wife and two daughters. "This is my first time here, but I'm surprised to see so many different colors [of flowers], not just pink," he remarked. "It's incredible!"

Higanzakura (winter-flowering cherry), forsythia, and Hanamomo peach are currently in full bloom. "It's unusual for the early blooming Tokaizakura and Somei Yoshino to blossom at the same time," said the park's administrator, "but it makes for great flower viewing." 

The peak flower-viewing period at Hanamiyama is predicted to last until the weekend of April 8.

Hanamiyama on April 2 (© Sankei by Nobuo Serizawa)


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Author: Nobuo Serizawa

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