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Stories 10-6: The Best of JAPAN Forward 2023

Check out the best of 2023 through the 25 most-read articles on JAPAN Forward, continuing with 10-6. Did your favorites make the list?



Join us at JAPAN Forward as we celebrate the end of the year by reflecting on the best of 2023 through the most-read articles on our site. It was fun following the Tokyo toilet project and juxtaposing it with the story about the colorful children's day streamers. 

This week's selection features stories and insights on Japanese music festivals, photography pointers, South Korean ethics, and the war in Ukraine, reflecting cultural trends and news that held our attention in 2023. 

Take a look to find out why your fellow readers navigated to these stories more than any others. And, once again, thanks for following JAPAN Forward!

This article highlights numbers 10 to 6 of the most popular articles of 2023.

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10. [Tokyo Outlook] Ganbaro Ukraine! Help Make a Better Tomorrow for Refugees in Japan

By Yasuo Naito

As families who have fled Ukraine work hard to adjust to life in Japan, democracies must unite to address Russia's aggression and other critical issues.

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9. INTERVIEW | Why Sue Yoon Suk-Yeol? Veteran Journalist Explains His Case

By JAPAN Forward

Byun Hee-Jae's charges against Yoon Suk-yeol are based on his years as prosecutor and they've garnered the interest of leftist heavyweights like Song Young-gil.

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8. 9 Music Festivals in Japan Happening in 2023

By Micah Go

Our Gen Z contributor lists his picks of music festivals you should consider attending if you want to experience Japan's diverse music scene this year.

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7. Children's Day Ushers In With Colorful Carp Streamers

By Galileo Ferrari

Kodomo no Hi, Japan's Children's Day, is celebrated on May 5th with flying carp streamers symbolizing family success. Formerly known as Boy's Day.


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6. [A Photographer's Notes] 'The Tokyo Toilet' Project's Urban Invitation

By Jason Halayko

Thanks to the unique designs, colors, and materials used, each Tokyo toilet is its own stand-alone architectural creation worth a day of fun urban photography.

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(© By Jason Halayko)

Coming up: the final five articles in our top 25, from 5-1. 

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