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Stories 15-11: The Best of JAPAN Forward 2023

Check out the best of 2023 through the 25 most-read articles on JAPAN Forward, continuing with 15-11. Did your favorites make the list?



Join us at JAPAN Forward as we celebrate the end of the year by reflecting on the best of 2023 through the most-read articles on our site. Did you follow the young Okinawan woman who was taking on the establishment and getting noticed? Or the new Harry Potter theme park?

This week's selection features stories and insights on Japanese culture, English communication skills, empty houses, and Okinawa, reflecting the news and events that held our attention in 2023. 

Take a look to find out why your fellow readers navigated to these stories more than any others. And, once again, thanks for following JAPAN Forward!

This article highlights numbers 15 to 11 of the most popular stories of 2023.

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Masako Ganaha speaks at the 143rd lecture of the Kyushu Seiron Roundtable. October 7, 2019. (© Sankei by Masakazu Nakamura)

15. Masako Ganaha: Okinawa's Rising Voice on the Global Stage

By Hiroyuki Kawase

Masako Ganaha has earned the nickname "Joan of Arc" for her unwavering defense of Okinawa's interests, even confronting seasoned politicians for her cause.

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14. The Magical Realm Of Harry Potter: New Theme Park Opening In Tokyo's Nerima Ward

By Sankei Shimbun

For the first time, Harry Potter fans can now make their dreams come true at the Wizarding World in Tokyo as the first "Ministry of Magic" set opens.

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13. Why Aren't Japanese Better in English Communication?

By Hirokazu Sato

Communicating with people from foreign countries takes more than just being able to hear, speak, read, and write English. It takes experience living overseas.

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12. My Akiya Airbnb: How to Buy an Empty House in Rural Japan

By Daniel Moore, Active Travel

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves, Japan's empty houses are a worthy investment. One man's akiya could very well turn out to be another man's treasure.


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11. INTERVIEW | Masamitsu Yoshioka, 105, One of the Chosen Few at Pearl Harbor

By Jason Morgan, Reitaku University

Masamitsu Yoshioka, 105, is the last survivor of those who attacked Pearl Harbor. His plane carried an 800-kilogram torpedo, hitting home with deadly accuracy.

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(© JAPAN Forward by Jason Morgan)

Coming up: the next five articles in our top 25, from 10-6. 

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