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[PHOTOS AND VIDEOS] Tokyo Game Show 2018 – Cosplay










Tokyo Game Show 2018 opened its doors to the general public on September 22 at the Makuhari Messe convention center, after two business days exclusively for industry partners, corporations and the media. The total number of visitors for the first two days, (September 20-21,) was 68,317, significantly more than the previous year’s, 58,076 people.


The strong attraction of eSports tournaments offered during the public days (September 22-23,) as well as the cosplay parade, make it is safe to say that the amount of foot traffic for this year’s event will tip over 100,000 on the third day.


Sev Collazo (browfilm-photo.com) who often shoots at Comiket and other game-related events, filmed the Tokyo Game Show for the second time. You can follow his activity on his Instagram @sev_collazo.


Galileo Ferrari works at a global IT company, consults with startups in Japan, and is a contributor with JAPAN Forward. The views expressed are his own.