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Shibuya Tells Halloween Revellers to Stay Away

Giant signs have been set up in Tokyo's famous Shibuya Ward telling people not to come for Halloween this year.



A sign outside Shibuya Station warning the Halloween crowd to stay away. (©Sankei by Ikue Mio)

A massive sign on a street in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward declares, "No Halloween events on Shibuya streets." In no uncertain terms, Shibuya is warning Halloween crowds to stay away well before October 31.

The kanji for "shibu" in "Shibuya" has been designed to look like a jack-o'-lantern's face. (©Sankei by Ikue Mio)

Every year, massive crowds gather in Shibuya for Halloween festivities. Some of them become unruly, causing an annual headache for Shibuya Ward.

Public drinking will also be prohibited. (©Sankei by Ikue Mio)

Additional measures to ensure safety during the Halloween period include a ban on public drinking and urging people not to visit the Shibuya Station area.

A sign in front of Shibuya Station on October 17. (©Sankei by Ikue Mio)


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Author: Ikue Mio

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