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[SOCIAL WIRE] ARASHI Band Thrills Fans By Opening YouTube Channel



The Japanese band under Johnny’s Associates ARASHI thrilled their fans from all over the world on October 9 at just after 5 PM by finally opening their YouTube channel. We look at how the fans reacted to the news.


The announcement was made on YouTube Japan’s official Twitter account, “At last… Arashi has arrived on YouTube.”


This comes as a welcome surprise as the group has until now stayed away from digital platforms. ARASHI has also made select tracks available for streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music, where fans can listen to the five songs: truth, Monster, Love so sweet, Happiness, A ・RA・ SHI.


The Twitter netizens got an initial hint that the announcement was coming earlier in the day, as at 12:00 AM LINE Music leaked the announcement, but then deleted the tweet.


Fans from all over the world on Twitter rallied in a complete storm of excitement about ARASHI’s YouTube Channel announcement: 


Author: JAPAN Forward