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Spectacular Full Moon Graces Night Sky on Mid-Autumn Festival

Contrary to popular belief, the Mid-Autumn Festival doesn't always coincide with a full moon. In fact, the next time will be in seven years.



An aircraft that took off from Haneda Airport eclipses the mid-autumn full moon on September 29. Photo taken in Kawasaki Ward. (©Sankei by Yasushi Notomi)

On September 29, an enchanting spectacle unfolded above Kawasaki City, near Haneda Airport in Ota Ward, Tokyo. The immense full moon appeared suspended in the air, creating a mesmerizing backdrop as an aircraft glided gracefully across it.

The full moon and Tsutenkaku tower at 6:45 pm on September 29. (©Kyodo)

September 29 corresponds to the 15th day of the eighth month in the traditional Japanese calendar, which is when Japan celebrates the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon.

The full moon observed from Koto Ward, Tokyo. In the foreground is the large Ferris wheel at Kasai Rinkai Park, at 5:52 pm on September 29. (©Kyodo)

A Special Occurrence

However, the National Astronomical Observatory notes that the harvest moon is not always a full moon. In fact, the next occurrence is anticipated to be seven years from now on September 12, 2030.

The full moon behind Tokyo Skytree on September 29 in Tokyo's Taito Ward. (©Sankei by Yukuto Ogihara)

Many moonstruck photographers were seen at parks, including Higashi-Ogishima East Park in Kawasaki Ward, to capture the special moment.


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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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