Getting Over a Hot Summer by Using the Japanese Traditional Ways; Be Fashionable at the Same Time

  As if the Japanese summer is not hot enough, it seems to be getting hotter each year. For centuries, though, the Japanese people knew just exactly how to survive the hot weather—and in fashionable ways at that.   One of the most famous summer symbols, the “goldfish” were known from Muromachi era, which was […]

You Can Put A Modern Twist to ‘Tsumamizaiku,’ the Hairpins of Old

    They’re called the tsumamizaiku, those cute, at times dainty, hairpins. But centuries before they became ubiquitous among young ladies today, they were the traditional accessories made and used by female servants of the Imperial court during the Edo period 300 years ago.     In those times, high society people in the court […]

‘Like digging treasures’: High School Girl Shares the Joys of Clam Gathering in Tokyo Bay

    In Japan, clam gathering is one of the most famous outdoor leisure activities. From spring to summer, families, friends, and couples enjoy gathering a wide variety of clams. This activity, called shiohigari, started in the Heian period, more than a thousand years ago.   The location we used for clam gathering was the […]