Confluence of Interests: Indian Foreign Minister鈥檚 Visit Strengthens Bond With Japan

聽聽聽聽 In his landmark speech titled 鈥淐onfluence of the Two Seas,鈥 delivered before the Indian Parliament in August 2007, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe noted that 鈥渢he Pacific and the Indian Oceans are now bringing about a dynamic coupling as seas of freedom and of prosperity.鈥   That was during his first term as prime […]

What I Found Missing in the Kanamara Matsuri鈥攖he 鈥楶enis Festival鈥

  It鈥檚 a warm Sunday morning in Kawasaki, Japan. Across the world they are celebrating Easter, possibly April Fool鈥檚 Day. How ironic, as I have other plans. I am going to Kawasaki鈥檚 Kanamara Matsuri, or as it is known from numerous articles by the foreign press, the 鈥淧enis Festival.鈥   The Kanamara Festival has its […]

Interview with Ed Feulner: Trump Will Be A Tough Negotiator with North Korea

聽 On April 20, the Sankei Shimbun and聽JAPAN Forward聽interviewed Edwin J. Feulner, PhD, about the recent summit meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and United States President Donald Trump.   Dr. Feulner was founder and former president of The Heritage Foundation, a respected Washington DC-based conservative think tank. He headed it from 1977 to […]

Abe-Trump Summit: U.S. Makes Clear It Wants Reduced Trade Deficit With Japan

  The sixth meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and United States President Donald Trump鈥攚here they agreed on a policy of maintaining maximum pressure on North Korea ahead of the U.S.-North Korea summit meeting鈥攐nce again illustrated to the international community the strength of the Japan-U.S. alliance.   Trump鈥檚 promise to raise the abduction issue at […]

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Call Him A Born-Again Politician

  (Conclusion)   While聽Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in the United States for a summit聽with President Donald Trump,聽JAPAN Forward runs a series of articles that provides a closer look at the Japanese leader. Originally published in Japanese in the January 2018 edition of聽Hanada聽magazine, the articles were written by Professor Tomohiko Taniguchi, Special Advisor to the […]

(UPDATED) Abduction Issue: Trump Vows to Do His Best for Japan 鈥 Abe

  United States President Donald Trump has promised to take up the decades-old issue of the abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korean agents in his forthcoming summit with Kim Jong-un.   Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said this was the outcome of his meeting with Trump on Tuesday, April 17, in Florida (Wednesday, April 18, […]

Russia, China Power Games Prop Up North Korea鈥檚 Nuclear Brinkmanship

  Great power games are in full swing in Northeast Asia, as exhibited by the sudden and steep increase of intense geopolitical activity surrounding North Korea.   This round began when the sequestered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un began his 鈥榦utreach program鈥 with the first-ever declared foreign visit to Beijing鈥檚 Diaoyutai State Guesthouse聽in March 2018. […]