Is North Korea Next to Unleash AI Hackings After Russia and China?

  On February 13, cyber security experts from the United States determined that China and Russia were acquiring artificial intelligence (AI) technology to coordinate mass cyber attacks. The use of AI saves labor and increases the effectiveness of hacking as it automatically learns attack methods and develops techniques rapidly, making broad-scale attacks easier.   There […]

Learning From the Curiosity and Passion of Yoshiharu Habu – Winner of 7 Shogi Titles

  In December, the venerable shogi champion, Yoshiharu Habu, became the first person ever in the 400-year history of shogi to become the holder of all seven crown titles.   In this year’s Ryuo-championship, he was able to finally claim the only lifetime title not yet won, the “Lifetime Ryuo.” This occurred in the world of […]

An Interview with Kazuo Ishiguro: Manga, AI, and Other Sources of Inspiration

Kazuo Ishiguro speaks at the Banquet in the Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall on December 10, 2017.   After being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2017, Kazuo Ishiguro—a Japanese-born, British novelist and screenwriter—talked with members of the press in Stockholm, Sweden on December 6, just four days prior to the award ceremony. He […]

‘Why Would He Fumble Like This?’ Supercomputer Developer Motoaki Saito Arrested for Fraud

  On December 5th, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office arrested Motoaki Saito, 49, president of “PEZY Computing” (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), and then director of business development, Daisuke Suzuki, 47, on suspicion of fraud.     Their company, known for having developed Gyoukou, the 4th fastest supercomputer in the world, are accused of defrauding the Ministry of […]

Marco Tempest at Singularity University Japan Summit 2017

Singularity University: Silicon Valley Think Tank Arrives in Japan

(C) “SingularityU Japan Summit 2017”   The first Singularity University Summit in Japan wrapped up on Friday, September 8, at Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), tackling the theme “Shaping Japan’s Future Together.” (C) “SingularityU Japan Summit 2017”   Singularity University is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programs and a business […]