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[A Photographer’s Notes] Updated Take on an Old Style of Photography



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~All in all shooting with the 907X 50C was a unique experience that I enjoyed immensely. It’s simple and intuitive design made getting used toーand using the camera a breeze~


As a photographer I naturally have my radar up for the next big thing to come along in photographyーwhether that be gear, shooting techniques, or other photography tips and tricks. So a few months back when I saw Hasselblad announce the new 907X 50C camera system, I was naturally curious to see what it would be like shooting with such a unique, yet classic, style of camera.


If you are unfamiliar with what I mean by this, the Hasselblad 907X 50C is specifically designed to be shot at hip level, while looking down at the foldout LCD screen to compose and shoot your images. This harkens back to a classic style of older cameras (which Hasselblad is well known for) where your viewfinder was located on top of the camera body and you would need to look down on it to compose your images. 


It’s a classic design to be sure, but one I had never personally tried to use. So I was quite curious about what it would be like to shoot in this style with a modern digital camera. 


One other interesting aspect of the 907X 50C is that it is a medium format, 50 MP camera. I have only ever shot with cameras that had about half that resolution, and never with a medium format camera, so I was very interested in seeing how this would affect or improve my shooting style, if at all. 


After a few emails back and forth with my contact at Hasselblad Japan, I was informed I could visit the Hasselblad Japan shop in Harajuku, Tokyo and try out the camera for a few hours. Yea! 

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